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Short Office : If you got no time this is the treatment for you !A specific massage back, neck and head, good for those who work sitting and have various muscle contractions, especially on the upper backm neck and head, ideal for office workers
  Price: 30 € Duration: 30 minutes

Aloe Scrub and Massage (relaxing full body) Watch Video 

A unique massage created by Diva, delicate and relaxing atmosphere that will make your skin radiant and silky .It starts with a gentle massage and drainage using our scrub with microspheres of aloe and jojoba oil that will remove impurities and will give a new life to your skin. After a sweet chromotherapy shower your skin will be soft and shiny already treated with pure lemon essential oil that help you relax and at the same time fight cellulite. In addition we will cover the entire body with aloe lotion, a cream with aloe vera, collagen and elastin helpful to deeply hydrate and give elasticity and shine to your new body.
Price: 75 € Duration: 80 minutes (two treatments in 1  a value of 110 euro)

 Beauty and relax: A perfect combination of an invigorating massage, anti cellulite , draining and a relaxing massage .Not only focused on the legs but that involves the whole body up to the head.
Price 70 € duration: 70 minutes.

Hot Stone Massage Watch Video
(with hot lava stones) relaxing and great to eliminate muscular and rheumatic pains.
Half body Price: 45 € Duration: 45 minutes
Full body price: 60 € Duration: 70 minutes

Hawaian Massage  Lomi Lomi Nui
Ancient shamanic tradition of Kahuna, a relaxing massage and energetic at the same time smooth and sweet as the waves of the sea.
Price: 60 € Duration: 60 minutes

Foot Massage

Foot Reflexology is based on the correspondence that the organs have on the surface of the foot. These matches are used to detect unbalancies and restore the body's  harmony.
Price: € 30 (duration 30 minutes) 45 € (45 minutes) Watch the video!

Deep Soul Relaxing : It consists of an energy massage and relaxing including: Shiatsu, Ayurveda, reflexology, Reiki, lymphatic drainage-.
.Full body massage  for a physical and mental rebalance.
The most complete massage in our list, for VIP treatment!
List price 100 € Offer Launch Diva Price: 80 euros
Duration: 90 minutes

Waxing Services

  Full legs: 25 € 
-Full legs + Brazilian  EUR 35 
-Half Legs  : EUR 20
-Brazilian partial: EUR 15 Brazilian full : 20
-Underarm: EUR 15 
 Face Complete (mustache and eyebrows): EUR 20
 Arms full: € 20
 Man back or chest: 30 to 50 Euros 
- Man Back + Chest: 55 to 95 euro (60/120 minutes duration)

Pedicure & Manicure

Pedicure Luxury :  A Full Pedicure with a scrub with a wonderful feet massage : 60 Euro 


Basic Treatment from 45 Euros! (50 minutes)
Watch Our Video
- Personalized facial for all skin types: 55 € (60/70  minutes)
- Specific facial anti-aging, rosacea (capillary fragility), treatments for skin discoloration (skin patches) to 'glycolic acid (
Price: 65 € (90 minutes)
ULTRASOUND FACE (machinery anti aging) + ACID JALURONIC.
effective anti-aging treatment, toning face ..
Original price: 110 € Discounted Price: 90 € Duration 70 minutes
Original price: 180 euro Discounted 110 euro Duration: 70 minutes
Watch our video
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